How we work with you

Every business, market and customer is different and we take a tailored approach to your business based on your current plans,

strategy and resources to ensure you have a truly sustainable model for the future 

Starting point

Know where you are
6-8 Weeks*
  • High-level business review
  • Key stakeholder interviews
  • Business process mapping
  • Playercards for best-in-business
  • Early cost savings opportunities


Set your North Star
16-20 Weeks*
  • Develop strategy framework
  • Future state architecture
  • Program and project plans
  • Project investment and ROI
  • Change Management planning


Plan a comprehensive roadmap
30+ Weeks*
  • Identify process & tech gaps
  • Pilot, Develop & Expand
  • Change management planning


Assess the impact
8-12 Weeks*
  • Technology architecture review
  • Growth and cost savings
  • Vendor costs assessment
  • Digital CX impact analysis
  • Content publishing model

*Estimated elapsed time, tailored to your business and based on access to key stakeholders and teams. These timeframes allow for interview sessions, documentation access and review, existing project timelines and an understanding that business does not stop.

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