Find the opportunities in your business


Review roles, responsibilities, skills and experience to make sure you are getting the most from your teams, highlight gaps in training and see where the opportunities are for increasing productivity and efficiency


Examine the way your business runs and identify where process could be streamlined, risks could be reduced and obstacles removed your path. Your business constantly evolves, the way you work does too


Assess the technologies your business is built upon, look for opportunities to integrate and automate process and tasks to help your business run more smoothly and improve your customer experience

Gordon O'Keeffe, your digital strategy guide

With over 20 years of experience in helping business develop strategies for Marketing, Sales, Service and Customer Experience – from local startups to global brands – I can help you plan the future of your business for increased growth and reduced costs.

“I can provide you with an independent overview of your business that gives you a clear path forward and removes the obstacles to growth.”

Why work with me?


Whether you are looking to understand where you are as a business and planning your next digital change, or developing a digital transformation strategy and customer experience, I can guide your steps


I can examine the sustainability of your digital strategy for both your business and the environment, and provide clear opportunities for cost savings, risk mitigation and reducing your digital waste


I provide a full range of support for the transformation of your business – technology roadmap, program management, business case/ROI development and training solutions that work for your business